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Top Hat Carriers

The Beginning.

Ohad Fishof, Alon Cohen, Tamir Albert and Ishay Adar set up the band in Jerusalem in 1986. Ohad wad 15 y.o. and the others were between 16-17 y.o.. Except Ishay, who graduated his studies in the High School Of  The Arts in Jerusalem, the other retired from school in the fifth and the sixth grade. It was a band without a bass guitar, it was Ishay who imitated the bass sounds on the keyboards. Alon played the drums, Tamir played the guitar and Ohad was the lead vocalist and was in charge of the guitar and the keyboards.

Their first show was during a contest of young bands in the “Khan” theatre in Jerusalem which took place that year. They didn’t win… They had 3 gigs in the “Underground” Club in Jerusalem and at the end of this year the first contact with Motky Sherubini was made and they started working together. Their first gig in Tel Aviv was in Beit Lesin theatre in 1987 and will be remembered forever for the “little show” the Top Hat Carriers gave before the music show when Ohad shaved Ishay’s head live on stage.

The Top Hat Carriers were influenced mainly by pop, new wave and vanguard music from Great Britain and the States.

To Be Continued

Discography :



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