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Ketem Leida

Yotam Zilberman – Vocals

Nachshon Shtern – Bass

Ori I. Bassat – Guitar

Eyal Teller – Guitar

Roy Royz – Drums


Ketem-Leida (Birth Mark) was set up in 1995 by Nachshon and Yotam in Tel Aviv (both originally from the same kibbutz), when Yotam was looking for people to play his songs.

Six months later Ori I. Bassat joined them.  The current line-up of the band, with Eyal and Roy joining in, is the same line-up since 2000.

Ketem-Leida went through “a long and winding road” (Beatles own words), in which they worked with super-managers, super-music producers, experienced many hours in recording studios and many gigs throughout the country. They have become highly experienced in the one territory they love-Music. The debut album “The Sprint of Life” is the result of their experience till now.

Ketem-Leida live among their own people in Israel, they are romantic (You Are Quiet, Cup Of Coffee), sing about suicide (Jump), about abusing young and innocent soldiers of the feminine kind (Olive Coloured Uniform), about drugs (…), about the negative addiction to television, about the I.D.F. combat service (Avna) and are also rooted to the remote Israeli musical history (Danny Hero) and the close one (War, sounds like a Top Hat Carriers song).

It’s worth paying attention to Yotam’s expressive vocals, to Mr. I. Bassat (soon to become a lawyer) electrifying guitars and to the energetic and decisive drums of Roy.

Discography :



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