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Auto Maniac

Auto Maniac is Ariel Gal, born in 1977, Jerusalem.

Ariel is a first-degree student in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem studying Hebrew Literature and Sociology.

Extreme minimalism, extreme introvert as if singing to himself only. Auto Maniac plays the guitar and the computer and treats with his own special way the poems of the great poets: Yona Wallach, Yekhiel Hazzak and Natan Alterman, with the helping hand of Rafi Bousidan.


Kobi Or on Auto Maniac:

From a distance you can hear the shadow of the song. Coming closer you view a big and a white house. The girls who live in never get old. They always wear their wedding dress. The chicks stay chicks. The flowers bloom forever. Constantly the sailors get off the ships dressed in celestial white in their hands holding flowers that minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-to-day turn more and more beautiful. Only when you get far you notice that the windows are barred, in the large courtyard ambulances download medicine boxes, that the silence turns into rustle, turns into songs. But from a distance you can only hear the shadow of the songs. So come in. A lot of cd’s deal with the word, with the phrase “Rock”. This cd is a rare debate in a mysterious phrase, more illusive one. In the word “only”.

  ** “Only” meaning in Hebrew-“Rak” (pronounced like “bar”).



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