Published the fanzine “Khamor” (Donkey) during the years 1979-1998. In his past there were some periods of working as a rock journalist and critic. In his present times there are some periods of performing with his texts about rock. “In the Israeli rock there are only two mysteries” – it was written once in a local newspaper, “whether Nosei-Hamigbaat (The Top Hat Carriers) will get together again, and…what Kobi Or has between his legs”. Kobi says: “between my legs I have a heart-shaped sorcerer, and it gets up only when I write about rock”. In his best of texts Or levitates to such height, so sometimes the eye contact with the reader is lost. It’s very beautiful, and it breaks one’s heart. But the most important thing is: it’s original.                                         

 "A document as such is very important”, wrote the critic Avi Efrati (Tel Aviv newspaper), about the cd, “Trexts”, in which Or reads a selection of his work, and he adds: “Or has lines which will make you breathless…has an outstanding intellectual and emotional ability… for him, even the sky is not a limit, a talented writer, which you cannot describe the Israeli rock in the last fifteen years without him”. The cd, of course, has been released in “Pookh”, a name that came out of Kobi’s mind. It’s been almost two decades that Kobi accompanies Motky Sherubini: with love, arguments, rage and sharing the glory. In the beginning of the Eighties, when Kobi’s style of writing caused astonishment and revolt, Motky was among the few who encouraged him to carry on. Today, when the titles like, “a cult figure” (Maariv), “an admired writer” (Haaretz), are attached to Kobi’s name, a circle is being completed: from the fanzine “Khamor” – which symbolizes the beginning of Or’s way of writing, to a web site in the internet, a site which will attract millions of surfers. "Pookh”, says Kobi, “are the initials of Protection and Cash”, two necessities of qualities for a successful label”. He is cynical, of course. “The truth is that only one quality is necessary: talent. I am very proud that this site is like a home for me. At last a place in which I will be able to go higher and far more as a writer”.

About the cd.  

“Someone who is fueling the fastest car with star dust, and pays in his sanity for it. That’s me, and this is my writing” – says Kobi Or. "This cd is a documentation of a man who is five minutes before committing suicide, or five minutes before being religious-orthodox, but, and this is the most important part of the cd, in five minutes you achieve a lot. Even changing your life entirely”. “Trexts”, was recorded live in “Next” festival, 1999, in Tel Aviv, and is also a testament of the magic of the street’s art: pavement’s painters, fanzines, outdoor theatre, singers and guitarists in big cities’ subways. It’s an “I believe” of a frantic rock-journalist, hermetic in some of the times, that together with Kuntz, the singer and guitarist, bring the Israeli rock the quality that’s it’s missing so much: originality. 

(The original and full name of the Top Hat Carriers was: “The Top Hat Carriers of Kobi Or”. The story goes like this – when I met the Top Hat Carriers, part of them (Ohad and Alon) was already spending their pension time from high school. They studied there about Françoise Truffaut who was the “Top Hat Carrier” of Hitchcock, a semi helper, a semi student… - Motky Sherubini).